Minder to Muzproposal

Your Acts depends on Your Intentions

We have heard that before that online matchmaking does not work, and it is more for hookups and short-term relationships or for time pass.

On the other hand, you heard these stories who benefited from the online apps or websites so what worked for those who benefited from these apps or websites and cannot work for some.

The answer is quite simple and there is a fine line between two mindsets. It all comes to intentions. One has good intentions and a purpose. While others do not have any goal or purpose and have bad intentions. Now the definition of the “bad” could be very vague but you get the idea as a Muslim.

In Hadith, it says, that your acts depend on your intention so what is your intention? Is it to make friends? Is it just to time pass? Or Is it you want to get married? Really, ask yourself.

Here is our expert advice for the above questions:

If it is to make friends, well, you can do so at the coffee shop or pretty much everywhere, you do not have to be on the Apps or website to make friends. There are awesome places to make friends in every city.

Is it to time pass? This is the best one because we hear from the guys most of the time. Look at your age, and then look at the clock, and then ask yourself, “For how long you want to time pass?” Time is flying, and it is not coming back. And if you really want to do so, do something different, learn a new language, or play musical instruments.

Finally, if you really want to get married, have a good intention, and a purpose. Have a timeline by when you want to get married. Exactly, how you plan your career and profession and set the deadline, do that for your spouse and Inshallah, not only Muslim Matchmaking Apps but also, the entire universe will help you achieve your goal.

Next time when you sign up on Muzproposal, Minder, or Muzmatch, consider your intention and find the ONE.